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 500 Kord Vallmark Petri Dishes – 100 X 15Mm

500 Kord Vallmark Petri Dishes – 100 X 15Mm

SKU: 2559b61c-59d1-448a-8d86-e6ae2c0996a8
  • CASE OF 500 KORD VALLMARK PETRI DISHES: Each case is packed in sleeves of 25 petri dishes. There are 20 sleeves per case, so you do not have to worry about opening and spoiling the entire bag. Just use the dishes you need and save the rest for another time. This is a great value!
  • STURDY PLASTIC, PERFECT FOR POURING AGAR: These petri dishes are made with premium quality polystyrene, which works excellently for pouring agar plates. The plastic will not melt or warp when you pour hot agar into these dishes.
  • MUSHROOMS, LAB RESEARCH, SCIENCE EDUCATION: Whether you are using these dishes for mushroom cultivation or for a classroom science project, these dishes will work great! They have a wide range of different uses, and are the perfect choice for any project.
  • VENTED LIDS FOR AIR CIRCULATION & LESS CONDENSATION: Each petri plate has a vented lid so that there is improved air circulation. Condensation can ruin your agar plates and lead to poor performance. The vented lids reduce condensation significantly!
  • INCLUDES 5 EVVIVA TRANSFER PIPETTES: These dishes come with 5 transfer pipettes that have a wide range of uses for science projects. The transfer pipettes will definitely come in handy for your project!

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Great For… Value! Buy in bulk and save a lot in the long run Convenience! Use our premixed, high quality nutrient agar bottle to easily make 10-11 petri dishes Value for agar powder! One of the best-selling agar powders at a great value Mushrooms! Potato dextrose agar is great for mushrooms but also has a variety of other uses
Customers Love it For Quantity and quality. We know agar and dishes, and we are confident in the quality of these petri dishes Making liquid agar is fun but from time to time taking a shortcut is not bad. A product with our high quality nutrient agar premixed and ready to go Our formula for our nutrient agar powder has been tested and proven to consistently give us amazing results. We know that it will be awesome for our customers as well Our potato dextrose agar plates are some of the best-selling, and this powder is used to make that happen
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