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500PCS 3ML Pipettes, Essential Oils, Home Use, Lab Experiments, DIY

500PCS 3ML Pipettes, Essential Oils, Home Use, Lab Experiments, DIY

SKU: b72993b4-55a2-486f-8c6d-ef1d7f7cf3a6
  • EASY TO USE & DISPOSABLE - These pipettes are very easy to use for tiny applications of liquid, and easily disposable. Coming with 3ml 500 translucent white plastic pipettes, you don't need to spend tons of time washing them out.
  • ACCURATE - The outer wall of the our dropper is engraved with a scale, which can be absorbed in an appropriate amount liquid you need. With our calibrated dropper pipettes, you can get your job done easily!
  • SOFT & GREAT SUCTION - Soft and pliable. These eye dropper suction appropriately and can hold the stated amount of liquid. Not flimsy like other plastic pipettes on market.
  • SAFE & SECURE - Made of high quality food grade plastic, you can buy them with confidence.
  • WIDE RANGE OF USE - Widely used for aquariums, fragrance and essential oils mixing, pets feeding, painting projects, DIY crafts, home use, elementary science class, classroom lab experiments, etc.

Product Description

No Cross Contamination

Very useful liquid transfer tool , you deserve it!

Produced of transparent low density polyethylene, the plastic pipettes provide with good observation during ioerations, resistant to biological liquid and most of the acids. Great flexibility enables these plastic pipettes to arrive at the bottom of narrow or special-shaped vials & containers. The Low-affinity pipette surface assures the complete transfer of cells and precious proteins.

  1. Soft, Pliable & Easy to Use

    Have great suction power, you just need to squeeze the plastic pipette bulb to expel air inside.

  2. Easy to Read Graduation

    Every number is marked clear, good to measure out liquids, save your time when mixing your blends.

  3. Good Value

    Good thickness, not flimsy like other droppers on market and all have functioned as intended.

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Liquid Watercolors

Love the quantity of product. Using it for ink and watercolor painting when needing washes or drips. Way easier to use then a regular eye dropper.

Fish keeping

I got exactly what I ordered. I ordered them to use in feeding frozen foods to my fish. Just thaw the food in water. eg. frozen blood worms.

Fragrance Oils Transfer

These were perfect for adding fragrance oils to soap on a girls weekend of crafting. They had no scent themselves and worked perfectly.

Science Class

These work very well and are a safer alternative to glass Pasteur pipettes. They are even relatively easy to wash, so I reuse them for my class.

Make Your Life More Convenient

moveland 3 ml Disposable Plastic Transfer Pipettes

Are you still worried about spilling liquid outside the containers? -- Waste of your time and make your life messy.

Are you still worried about adding too much liquid and one experiment or project completely ruined?

Are you still bothered by cross contamination when mixing your fragrances or essential oils?

Don't worry, our plastic pipettes droppers are designed with a scale on the outer wall, which can help you to get the right amount of liquid.

What is the largest width of the stem below the bulb?

On the 3 ml pipette it is 7 mm outer diameter.

Can these be used for resin? Specifically to drop resin for jewelry making.

Not sure how thick your resins are, but if anything like thick viscous resinous materials like benzoin, or semi solid essential oils, I'd say no. The materials have to be heated to liquid in order for the pipettes to work.

Are the dispensing tips small enough to fit in a tiny perfume bottle with a stopper/applicator?

The plastic ends are 1/8” wide, by 1/2” long. The tips of the pipettes are quite small. Depending on the size of your bottle, it should fit.

How long are they by inches?

Approximately 6inches overall, 4 inches before the bulb


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