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Black Disposable Nitrile Industrial Gloves S,M,L,XL

Black Disposable Nitrile Industrial Gloves S,M,L,XL

SKU: b7356089-125a-4f88-b52a-02729014971c
$53.05 Regular Price
$38.05Sale Price
  • All of our products will have an updated look in coming months. You may continue to see previous packaging, or a mix of new and old, as we sell through our inventory. Rest assured that they both contain the same high-quality gloves. GLOVEWORKS Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves are constructed from medium-weight 5-mil nitrile. They measure 9.5 inches from fingertip to cuff.
  • Nitrile industrial gloves are textured for enhanced grip. They offer excellent comfort and tactile sensitivity as well as strong barrier protection.
  • These industrial gloves look professional while concealing dirt and grime. They are a great fit for automotive, household work, food service, and cleaning.
  • Latex-free industrial gloves are ideal for those allergic to natural rubber.
  • GLOVEWORKS delivers a comprehensive lineup of industrial- and exam-grade gloves in nitrile, vinyl, and latex. Please note that if stored properly, gloves will have a shelf life of approximately 3 to 5 years from manufacture date printed on the packaging.

GLOVEWORKS Black Nitrile Industrial Gloves are the perfect combination of strength, dexterity, and comfort. Nitrile has three times the puncture resistance of latex. At 5 mils thick, they are more than 50 percent thicker than standard nitrile gloves. Excellent protection against common and specialty chemicals, including cleaning solutions. Great fit, superb comfort, and high tactile sensitivity. Micro-roughened surface and textured fingertips enhance grip. Polymer coated for easy glove changes. Designed for professionals, they are popular in automotive, industrial, janitorial, sanitation, food service, and safety applications. Perfect for countless uses in the home. Available in extended size range from small though extra extra large, which means the right fit for everybody.

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