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Cleanroom Wipers 4X 4  Lint Free Wipes 4" X 4"

Cleanroom Wipers 4X 4 Lint Free Wipes 4" X 4"

SKU: b822e010-4ce3-4926-8ce0-8cc9878f716c
  • FEATURES: Combination of polyester with excellent wet and dry strength and cellulose. Designed for all-purpose wiping. Suitable for cleaning precision components and lab apparatus. Low unit cost with repeatably use and premium quality.
  • MATERIAL: Fabricated from a hydro-entangled, non-woven blend of 55% cellulose and 45% polyester. This fabric blend combines the highly absorbent properties of a natural fiber with the cleanliness and strength of a synthetic wiper.
  • APPLICATIONS: Non-woven wipes Designed for SMT electronics factory to remove excess solder paste on the circuit board, it can keep the circuit board spotless, optical instruments to manufacture a variety of electronic, electrical, precision instruments wipe. Cleaning of printing machines; Wiping precision components like lens; Cleaning lab apparatus; Wiping work station surface; Using in cleanroom; Cleaning finished products; Cleaning electronics; Cleaning instrument surface.
  • PACKAGE:4" Length x 4" Width, 1200 wipers. They are all treated with proper edge treatment and sealed in poly bags.
  • CUSTOMER'S DESIGN: We also provide customized production for different wipes with the unlimited choices in sizes,cleanliness levels, packaging options, and dispensing options to suit your cleanroom supplies needs. (Small Order Acceptable, ODM Accepted, OEM Accepted).

Product Description

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AAWipes ESD-Safe Wipes (9"x9", 100 pcs) - Lint-Free Cleanroom Cloth Wipers, Polyester-Carbon Blend (CE16009)

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1 Nonwoven Wipes 2 Knitted Polyester Wipes 3 ESD Safe Wipes 4 Fine Microfiber Wipes 5 Textured Microfiber Wipes

Introducing AAWipes Cleanroom Polyester/Cellulose Wipers-Professional & Economic

Empower Cleaning Performance

The wipes can be presaturated with a variety of solvents, and cut to any size, with a strong wet/dry strength, and abrasion and chemical resistant.

Lead to A Shiny Surface

These wipes can effectively clean smudge tools, lab benches, fume hoods, and remove excess solder paste from circuit boards.

Super Oil Absorbance

These wipes exhibit high resistance to hydrophobic solvents and are excellent for picking up aqueous or oil spills.

Excellent Solvent Absorbance

With exceptional chemical resistance, these wipes excel at removing chemical spills in scientific laboratories.

Specification and Technical Data of AAwipes Nonwoven Cleanroom Wipes (68 GSM)

As economic choice, polyester/cellulose cleanroom wipes combine the cleanliness of synthetic polyester with absorbency of cellulose. They can be presaturated with a variety of solvents, and cut to any size.

AAWipes Polyester/Cellulose Wipes - the Popular Choice to Meet Key Cleanliness

The nonwoven wipes products are recommended for use in a cleanroom Class 1,000-10,000 (ISO 6-7) critical environment. It is a highly absorbent wiper for general purpose and “multi-tasking” environmental / facility cleaning.

Wipes Applications

Versatile polycellulose wipes for general-purpose cleaning across industries like cleanroom, aerospace, automotive, microelectronics, optics, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, printing, mechanics, manufacturing, and labs.

Comparison of Various AAwipes Cleanroom Wipes

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Product No.
NW06809 NW06804 NW06806 NW06812 MF18009 MFR14009 CP14009
45% Polyester - 55% Cellulose 45% Polyester - 55% Cellulose 45% Polyester - 55% Cellulose 45% Polyester - 55% Cellulose 80% Polyester - 20% Polyimide 80% Polyester - 20% Polyimide 100% Polyester
Edge Treatment
Cold Knife Cold Knife Cold Knife Cold Knife Ultrasonically Sealed Ultrasonically Sealed Laser Sealed
Nonwoven Nonwoven Nonwoven Nonwoven Double Knitted Randomized Texured Knitted Double Knitted
Nominal Dimension
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