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Disposable Boot & Shoe Covers 200 Pack (100 Pairs) | Non-Slip, Durable

Disposable Boot & Shoe Covers 200 Pack (100 Pairs) | Non-Slip, Durable

SKU: ba5b46a2-3b27-4a80-9c3a-91dc278c0003
  • FLEXIBLE SIZE: 40X17cm(15.74x 6.69 inch). Package Included: 100 Pairs(200 Pieces in a Pack) Disposable Shoe Covers.Our industrial-grade covers contain an elastic band for flexibility to fit up to US Men’s 11.5 and US Women’s 12.5 adult shoe sizes and help keep the covers snug on your feet.
  • NON-SLIP: The tire pattern is silk-screened to inncrease friction between the surface of the shoe cover and the floor. Safer to use on floors and other slippery areas.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE: Our disposable shoe covers have a large foot opening area, making it easy to slip them over your shoes. They are made of high-quality interwoven polypropylene fabric that is thick and long-lasting, ensuring superior strength and resistance against tearing and rupturing. Despite their impressive durability, these shoe covers are also incredibly lightweight. They provide excellent protection for you, your shoes, as well as your carpets, hardwood floors, and tile flooring. Keep your floors looking pristine without any hassle.
  • MULTI PURPOSE SHOE COVER: Our versatile shoe covers are perfect for a wide range of indoor and outdoor settings, including home, travel, parties, gardens, museums, workplaces, indoor floors, and cars. Designed to fit different shoe sizes, boots, or sneakers, Tomus-UNI shoe covers are the ultimate solution for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene for both your shoes and floors.
  • WIN-WIN: Maintain the cleanliness of your carpets or floors and shield them from unwanted trouble.This product helps you save both time and money by preventing unnecessary sweep costs. Saving time and money is a win-win situation.

Product Description

Why you should choose Tomus-UNI disposable hygienic boot & shoe covers?

- Have an elastic band on the ankle for a secure and universal fit.

- Large foot opening area which makes it easy to slip over your shoes.

The benefits of Tomus-UNI disposable hygienic boot & shoe covers

- Keep your living and working space crystal clear Works great for people that have to take them on and off to go in people's house.

- Extremely easy to open and deploy It has a large foot opening area, which makes it easy to slip over one's shoes.Thick material means you can re-use them if you truly wanted to.

- Cost efficient and safe alternative to disposable shoe covers.

- Great usage in home inspectors, plumbers, carpet cleaners, real estate professionals, painters, maid services, cable and internet companies, glass cleaners.


100% Virgin Medical Grade Polypropylene( PP)with a higher thickness(4o GSM orgreater) compared to others(35 GSM orLess). More durable, thicker, and lasts 70%lone.Non-slip tread for added grip when using onslippery surfaces

Double rubber band

It not only have moderate elasticity and comfortable wear, but also takes into account the long-term storage of spare shoe covers and recycling.


The polypropylene non woven fabric material is permeable, not only silky and soft, but also has better permeability than ordinary plastic shoes, so that the feet are no longer "stuffy"

Sturdy and Durable

Our shoe cover made of non-woven fabrics that has the properties of thickening and wear resistance. Even if pulled hard, it will not crack.

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- If your shoe size range more than 12, this shoe covers maybe not fit.

- Don't wear them on the surfaces where covered too much water.

- Don't wear them on rough surfaces. If you do, holes will start to appear.

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