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Microscope Slides and Covers- 50 Slides, 100 Coverslips

Microscope Slides and Covers- 50 Slides, 100 Coverslips

SKU: ab146416-b88d-45fb-8ae2-ad6dd2756918
  • Premium Glass Microscope Slides and Coverslips Set : Our glass microscope slides / glass slide and coverslips set is made of ultra-clear glass for superior optical performance, and comes with 50 glass slides and 100 coverslips to meet all your laboratory needs. Perfect for scientific experiments, medical professionals, and students alike, our glass slides are suitable for most lab equipment microscopes.
  • Whether you're conducting scientific experiments, diagnosing medical conditions, or studying specimens, our microscope accessories, glass microscope slides and coverslips set are essential tools for your laboratory. Our product is perfect for kids microscope slides and microscope slide preparation kit.
  • Safe and Easy to Use: Our microscope slide kit glass microscope slides and coverslips feature a frosted edge and a 45-degree chamfered corner, which prevents accidental cuts and makes it easy to handle them.
  • Ultra-Clear and Durable Glass: Our glass microscope slides / microscope slides for kids / plastic microscope slides and coverslips are made of premium ultra-white glass that provides exceptional clarity and durability. This ensures that your samples are viewed clearly and that your slides and coverslips last for a long time.
  • Unbeatable Value: With 50 glass microscope slides / blank microscope slides and 100 coverslips in each set, as a lab supplies Our glass slides are perfect for scientific experiments and suitable for most microscopes, making them an excellent choice for laboratories of all sizes.

Product Description

UniFrog Glass Microscope Slides and Coverslips Set - 50 Slides, 100 Coverslips - Ultra-Clear, Durable, and Safe for Scientific Experiments, Medical Professionals, and Students.

This set of high-quality lab supplies consumables includes 50 microscope glass slides and 100 microscope coverslips, making it the perfect solution for any laboratory or educational setting. Our microscope slide holder and slide box keep your slides organized and safe during storage and transport.

Our microscope slides are ultra-clear and made of high-quality glass for superior optical performance. The frosted edge and 45-degree chamfered corner on each slide ensure safe and easy handling. Our cover slips for microscope slides are designed to fit perfectly and protect your samples.

Our glass microscope slides and coverslips set is suitable for all standard microscopes, making it an excellent choice for scientific experiments and medical professionals. With our microscope coverslips, you can view your samples clearly and with exceptional clarity.

Our lab equipment is designed to meet the needs of students, researchers, and medical professionals alike. experience the difference for yourself!

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