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Plastic Spray Bottle 2 Pack, 16 Oz, All-Purpose

Plastic Spray Bottle 2 Pack, 16 Oz, All-Purpose

SKU: bf1d1b14-bf55-47b4-9bfc-d8ad1fb434d3
  • Your choice for general cleansing and auto detailing tasks. Proven and reliable system primes quickly and stay primed
  • Ergonomic Design - Ergonomic Design - Spray bottle lets the sprayer rest comfortably in your hand and lessening hand fatigue
  • House, Commercial, Industrial Uses - All purpose. Our multi purpose spray bottles have an excellent chemical compatibility
  • Durable - Our 16 ounce heavy duty impact resistance spray bottles are made from HDPE plastic. Hold up against auto detailing chemicals and cleansing solutions. Not recommended for bleach.
  • Refill, Clean and Disinfect with BAR5F. Manufacturer Product ID: B10H21. Bottle made in USA

Product Description


All-Purpose Sprayer

Household & Commercial

Comtatible to most household and commercial cleaning solutions; Offers good resistance to acidic solutions; Easily adjusts to any output

Cook, Grill & BBQ

Our bottles are BPA-Free and Non-Toxic; Made from virgin HDPE plastic resin; Safe for food preps, fruit and vegie wash, cooking & grilling

Planting & Gardening

Great size for small jobs; Water and mist your plants with a fully adjustable sprayer; Can be used with organic or chemical fertilizers and plant aids

Car Wash & Auto Detailing

Equipped with an NBR rubber gasket; Resistant to petroleum, mineral, and vegetable oils, broad range of aromatic hydrocarbons and many acids

Product Description

Sprayer: these are fully adjustable sprayers with excellent chemical compatibility; ergonomic, low force-to-actuate, ideal for any size job; weather you are gardening, cleaning or food prepping, ironing or car detailing, this sprayer will deliver the same dispensing performance with natural or chemical liquids. Adjustable Nozzle: designed to give you an extra grip and easily adjusts to the needed output. Output: 1.10cc for fine mist application; greater output for spray-to-stream applications.Strainer:dip-tube comes with strainer to prevent clogs. Bottle: translucent HDPE(2) plastic used in much disposable food and drink containers and is BPA-Free.

How do I know your HDPE Bottles are BPA-Free?

We exclusively manufacture all our HDPE bottles in USA. Our plastic resin is specifically designed for Food Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, and Household and Industrial Containers. SDS data sheet is located under "Product guides and documents" section.

What is a GASKET?

Gasket (aka piston gasket) is a cup that creates a pumping pressure when trigger lever is pressed. It is the most important part of your sprayer. When Piston Gasket fails, your sprayer fails.

What chemicals effect the longevity of the sprayer?

Chemical liquids such as bleach, clorox, degreasers and general cleaning solutions. Organic liquids such as lemon juice, vinegar, etc. Lawn & Garden aids such as fertilizers, pesticides, and insect killers.

What is Bar5F brand? Why should I buy your products?

At Bar5F, we proudly manufacture refillable bottles in the United States. We make the strongest reusable bottles in the USA, period! They're engineered with extra weight, thus, extra durability, so you can reuse and refill, over and over again.

What is your Company's carbon footprint? What is your environmental imapct?

Since the launch of our USA manufacturing line, and adoption of a new, Direct Factory-To-Consumer Supply Strategy, we have reduced our carbon footprint by a whopping 92% in out HDPE division. Visit "Product guides and documents" section for more info

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