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Safety GogglesEye Protection

Safety GogglesEye Protection

SKU: e968ec2a-3aca-4f47-b67a-4c3d30060e3e
  • CHEMISTRY LAB EQUIPMENT: These highly durable with clear plastic made for excellent visibility and protection.
  • INCLUDES SCIENCE SUPPLIES FOR THE CLASSROOM: These adult safety goggles are built with a single-lens design provides unobstructed and clear view.
  • COMFORTABLE SAFETY GOGGLES: Attached to our safety goggles is a flexible strap made for comfort.
  • IDEAL TOOLS FOR CHEMISTRY SET: Ideal for use in education, chemistry, research, and life science.
  • SCIENCE CLASSROOM SET: For any kids science experiments, these goggles are perfect for classroom use.

These flexible safety goggles are manufactured from PVC and are designed to protect against splashes and impact. Feature four vents to prevent fogging and an adjustable band for a comfortable fit. Safety goggles are ANSI Z87.1-2020 certified.

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