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Certificated F1 Scale Calibration Weight Kit Set 25 Pcs 1Mg-1Kg Stainless Steel

Certificated F1 Scale Calibration Weight Kit Set 25 Pcs 1Mg-1Kg Stainless Steel

SKU: 92f842f2-e18f-43c5-a873-31828b29714f
  • We are proud to be the online market pioneer in high precision weights since 2017 and have received many compliments from our customers over the years
  • We finally get the chance to hold ourselves to a higher standard in terms of certificates. Since 2023, our certificates are issued annually by the top institute located in East Asian Continent
  • The accuracy class has never been lower than F1. Includes 25 pcs weights, a nice aluminum storage case with foam pad, a plastic storage box for tiny weights, tweezer and cleaning cloth
  • SUS304 Stainless Steel, cylinder or flake shape, structural stability. Meet most needs of the measurement or the calibration, can be used for balance scale, mini electronic scales, jewelery scale and so on
  • Pdf format certificate could be download on Product documents. No paper copy of the certificate attached. Please let us know if you need higher standard E1/E2 or other weight combinations. We value your voice very much

Product Description

Can be used for balance scale and calibration of electronic scales.


Class F1

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Case Size: 9.1x5.7x4.3 inch / 23x14.5x11 cm

Product Weight: 6.17 lbs / 2.8 kg

Weight Range: 1mg-1kg

Shape: Cylinder and Flake

Packing: Aluminum Case


25x Weights

1x Plastic Tweezer

1x Aluminium Alloy Case

1x Cleaning Cloth

Calibration Certificate(Accuracy Grade: E2)

Institute Name: National Institute of Metrology, China

Calibration Date: April 06, 2023

Due Date: April 05, 2024

Calibration Standard: Sino-JJG99-2006, Based on OIML R 111 Edition 2004(E)

*We tried to find a way but do NOT have certificate issued by US/UK/EU institute because we can't balance the cost and the value based on the sales per year right now.

*Please consider the validity before your purchase. Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

*Note: The weights above 1g and the ones below 1g are certificated separately. If you need the full version of the certificate, please consult the "Product Documentation (PDF)" on the details page.

25 PCS Weights

Cylinder Ones:

1x 1 kg; 1x 500 g; 2x 200 g; 1x 100 g; 1x 50 g; 2x 20 g; 1x 10 g; 1x 5 g; 2x 2g; 1x 1g

Flake Ones:

1x 500 mg; 2x 200 mg; 1x 100 mg; 1x 50 mg; 2x 20 mg; 1x 10 mg; 1x 5 mg; 2x 2 mg; 1x 1 mg

The second one of certain weight is marked with * to distinguish.


1. Handled with care and taken lightly.

2. Kept properly and shall not be placed in a wet, dusty environment.

3. Please use with tweezer or gloves. Do not touch with naked hands.

4. Count the quantity to avoid losing before or after using. The plastic case is very helpful to storage tiny ones.

5. Clean the dust on surface by a soft brush or cleaning cloth before use.

6. The temperature of the weights should be the same as the temperature in the laboratory.

The difference between Class F1 and Class M1 Weights

1. F1 is more precise than M1, with smaller permission error.

2. F1 uses 304 stainless steel, M1 use 2cr13 stainless steel.

3. M1 is with adjust bar (at the bottom of the weights), F1 is without.

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