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Moisture Analyzer Balance 0.01% Readability Touch Screen

Moisture Analyzer Balance 0.01% Readability Touch Screen

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  • With a large capacity of 120 grams, it is ideal for food, agriculture, chemical, pharmaceutical and other applications that require measurements up to 0.01 %percent(0.001g).
  • This is a smart moisture precision balances which has 5 inch touch screen and comes with 2 modes (automatic and timing). The analyzer can control the speed of drying, soft or fast by itself. Simple to operate set up extremely easy.
  • The lab moisture balances have 34 memory programmes for customer eliminates the need to reconfigure the drying settings, heating temperature is from 40℃to 199℃.
  • Power is supplied by 110V, and standard RS232 interface, can connect computer, printer to download data instantly.
  • Our moisture analyzers have CE certification. Each scale has been tested and calibrated before shipment.

Product Description

FLB FORELIBRA Precision Lab Analytical Scale is widely used in the laboratory, food, electronics, jewelry, chemical and pharmaceutical and other industries, by the majority of users love and praise. We are great problem terminator for high precision instrument . We have been striving for perfection in the quality of our products, so we have become a trusted laboratory equipment manufacturer for customers all over the world.

FLB FORELIBRA is a precision expert in your business and life.

FLB FORELIBRA Moisture Analyzer Balance

Technical specifications

Weighing range 110 g
Readability 0.001 g
Heating element Halogen lamp / round / approx. Ø 90 mm
Drying temperature adjustable +40…+199 °C
Drying time (time mode) 1…99 min adjustable
Measurement range moisture 0…100 %
Readability moisture 0.01 %
Memory 12 drying programmes (parameters)
Interface RS-232
Display 5 inch Touch screen
Power supply 100-120V

How to Operation ? Take AUTO MODE a example.

  1. Turn on the moisture balance saves the drying parameters last used after switching off and back on. These are shown in the display.
  2. Touch the Auto dry button, then enter function, chose the dry temperature, the touch start.

ATTENTION :The maximum measuring / drying time you can set is 99 minutes.

3. When drying, if you need stop the device heat. You can touch the stop button.

ATTENTION: Depending on the temperature, combustion of the sample can easily occur in this measurement / stop ,mode.


  • RS232 interface to plugged right into your computer or printer to download data instantly.
  • Connect to power: Please use the power adapter one end is connected to balance, the other end to AC base

Stable Structure

  • Adjust level: Level the balance on a stable desk. When the bubble is in the center of the circle, balance is leveled.
  • Aluminum bottom make the scale maintain the level.

Delivery Content List

  1. Moisture balance -MA 10 X 1 with Mains cable x 1
  2. Sample pan x 1
  3. Sample pan holder /handle x1
  4. 20g or 50g or 100g weight in plastic box x1
  5. User Manual X 1

Function keys

Balance Features

Stable Structure

Delivery Content List

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Add to Cart
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4.8 out of 5 stars
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4.0 out of 5 stars
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Price $129.99$129.99 $109.99$109.99
Max. weight 10000g 5000g 5000g 2000g 500g
Accuracy resolution 0.1g 0.01g 0.01g 0.01g 0.001g
Pan size 7.6x6.7inch 7.6x6.7inch 7.6x6.7 inch φ 5.9inch φ 4.5inch
Calibration weight WITHOUT Calibration
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